art projects

A live moss wreath designed for a gallery in Grand Rapids, Mi

Gallery show at Small Craft Gallery of my handmade moss and pinecone wreaths

Storefront window design for children's organic clothing companies Bora Bora Baby and Earthnoodles during Art Prize in Grand Rapids, Mi

Original cut paper art piece created for an Amway Global executive. The base of the tree had handwritten type that read: "Families are like trees, our branches go in different directions but our roots remain as one". The roots of the tree were one intricate piece of cut paper consisting of words and phrases that were important to the recipient. The concept for the piece revolved around the idea that even though life takes you in different directions and journeys, always remain grounded in your values and beliefs.

The final piece was framed by LaFontsee gallery in a museum shadow box where the roots could bend for a 3D look.