art direction

Bennington luxury boat catalog cover concept for 2017, “When Elegance Touches Water”.

Bennington catalog inside spread and index, headline: “Immerse yourself in pure luxury”.

2017 Bennington boat catalogue concept for younger audience playing off of the “BE” in BENNINGTON

Inside spread and index design.

Boat series intro layout

Cornerstone student brochure design based on the CU cubed logo: cover and inside spread.

Art direction of direct mail pieces for Cornerstone University. The pieces folded into cubes and when all four were delivered, stacked into the Cornerstone University logo.

Brochure design for Cornerstone’s “Move in the right direction” campaign

Brochure design for Cornerstone’s “Move in the right direction” campaign for incoming students

“Move in the right direction” campaign’s interactive website.

Poster campaign for Slingshot bikes. Each poster calls out the unique coil spring feature of the bike and how it helps the rider. The coil spring absorbs shock and stores pedal energy which redirects the forces of trail shock into forward motion aiding in climbing, speed and agility.

E-pub created for the Winter Wonderland of Perfect Gifts campaign. I created a very graphic whimsical look with original illustrations of snowflakes made out of Amway products. Shown here is the cover followed by a few examples of interior spreads. The campaign got tremendous response from IBO's for being refreshing, unexpected and fun.

Amway Holiday sale landing pages and cartridges

Winter Wonderland of Perfect Gifts web banners

Knights of Columbus College Council Poster to get college kids to volunteer because, "there's a lot to learn outside of class".

Print and photo art direction for Jim Beam white label print campaign produced at Young & Rubicam, Chicago.

Manitou pantoon boats rebranding print campaign. Responsible for art direction/design and writing

Manitou pantoon boats rebranding print campaign

Campaign for Meijer to attract potential tenants to rent space inside their stores.

Print campaign for Rubbermaid: "make room for what's important". I created original illustrations for each print ad which we also featured on in-store graphics. Since Rubbermaid helps you organize your life, I wanted a very clean, clutter free look and feel.

Print campaign for Zondervan study bibles. After learning that people highlight important versus that they refer back to, the highlighter became a visual, graphic tool to call out human interpretations of the bible. These human truths were placed between the lines of scripture, hence the tagline: “read between the lines”. Responsible for art direction and writing.

A playful campaign for Sentry Safe waterproof safes, because once-in-a-lifetime moments only happen once.

Healthy is Beautiful web page design for breast cancer awareness for St. Mary's hospital

Web banners for St. Mary's hospital breast cancer awareness. Since many women avoid mammograms because of fear, we wanted to set a light hearted tone for an otherwise scary topic. Since my writer was also a woman, it was fun to come up with a campaign where women felt like they were being approached by a girlfriend and not an institution.

Print campaign for National Heritage Academies: "Giving your child a customized education is like giving your child their very own school". The campaign won Addy gold and Addy Best in Show in 2005.

Logo design for the American Library Association's literacy initiative

Web design for American Library Association's literacy initiative. The yellow brackets from the logo were used as a graphic element throughout the campaign. The website was all visual and audio, where the logo expanded to reveal a video about literacy = success.

Bus shelters in Portland Oregon. The scrambled type between the brackets visually represents the frustration a person with illiteracy feels.

Scanning the barcode takes you to the Literacy initiative's website to find out how to or where to get help.

Turnstile door sticker going into a library.

Print campaign for Fleur flower shop in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. A visual solution campaign to represent the emotions that Fleur can arrange for its customers, playing of the simplicity of the logo and the modern feel of this floral boutique. Responsible for photography, art direction and tagline.

Logo design for Michigan Polo Events. Michigan Polo Events hosted its first beach Polo event in Michigan. I was thrilled to design the invites, signage and art direct photography for the event benefitting the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

Website design for Earthnoodles LLC, a children's organic clothing company.

Website design for Earthnoodles sister company, Bora Bora Baby. Bora Bora Baby is a line of organic onesies and tees with aquatic, whimsical themes. The company gives a portion of its proceeds to ocean conservation organizations.

Outdoor banners designed for Grand Rapids Christian schools announcing the opening of a new school in the Fall of 2010. Dean Van Dis photographed future students and I designed Fall clothing made out of typography that talked about all the positive attributes of the school. The project was a huge success, increasing enrollment and excitement for the new school.

Photo of banners around construction site of school coming Fall of 2010

Assignment: Design visually stricking World Cup graphics for Amway.
Challenge: Utilize a very complex Amway logo in a fresh and exciting new way.

Designed graphics using photography of soccer players interesting with rings from Amway logo for Jogo Bonito concept, “Beautiful Game”.

Print and web banner templates for Jogo Bonito campaign.

Save the Date designed for the grand opening Gala for the Michigan State University Secchia Center. The die cut piece visually celebrated the unique architectural features of the new building which stands out on Michigan Avenue's medical mile in downtown Grand Rapids.

Art direction of 64 page mini catalogs that were used to showcase key products and aid as selling tools for Amway Independent Business Owners. This is the cover of the Spring/Summer catalog 2014 and an example of an interior spread.

64 page mini catalog for Fall/Winter 2014, cover and examples of interior spreads.

J&H Family Stores rebranding project.

Resposible for all art direction and writing for the new branding everything from store signage to headlines/branding on coffee cups.

Photo of new J&H Walker store, grand opening 2015, with new look and rebranded signage.

Manitou pantoon boats boat show posters

A series of posters for the Marshall Blues Fest. Challenge: Make event appeal to a younger, hipper audience.

Samples of logo design

Poster and invite for the Grand Rapids Art Museum's fash bash event. The design was sewn into fabric and photographed. Raised ink gave the piece a unique textural look and feel. Winner of an Addy gold in the design category.

Holiday poster designed for Hanon McKendry. Original illustration design based on the concept of discovering your perfect gift over the holiday season. The poster won an Addy gold and was featured in Print magazine.